As the years pass, the inevitable happens: death has taken two of us.

Jim Uhrich (1943-2009) was one of the four founding members of Common Cup. He was a multi-talented musician, who would work tirelessly at creating just the right 4 bar intro to a song, or tell us “Yes, we really do want to do that song in the key of D Flat!” He was the most disciplined of us – our plumb line – calling forth from us the best that we could do. His eyebrows were a key indicator of how we were doing: if pressed downwards, all was not well; if they rested on wide open eyes, we could breathe easy! A man full of grace.

Ian Macdonald (1945-2016), also a founding member, was the spark at the heart of our group. He dreamed dreams that we had barely imagined, opened doors we didn’t know were there, captivated hearts with his vitality and vulnerability. A wonderful and creative writer, he filled a page with words that lifted heart and mind, and he always filled a room with life and laughter.

Two wonderful persons whose embrace of the gospel of God’s mercy and grace in Christ was full and joyful. We bless our Creator for having known their presence in our lives. They are in our hearts always.

“No farewells — no letting go forever,
We rise to God, and so to one another;
For we shall rise to find a welcome
Where all that’s past is healed,
In God’s good hands, love offers no farewells.”
— Ian Macdonald, No Farewells