“God bless … the path you are to follow, the people you will meet…”

Music brought us together, Faith fed and nurtured us, we became companions on a life-long journey. The word companion expresses the connectedness between those are led into each other’s presence and the moments that offer nurture along the way.

Since the late 1970’s, making and sharing music and faith has fed us and sustained us and challenged us—and we have met and been blessed by many people across this vast earth.

We came together as individuals, bringing individual gifts, talents, abilities—and became more than the sum of our parts. We began when Ian Macdonald and Jim Uhrich joined Gordon Light in neighbouring congregations in downtown Winnipeg. We grew when Bob Wallace was welcomed into the circle.

But we were not yet a group. We officially formed Common Cup when we discovered that our vocations would lead us apart. We wanted to keep making music together—and not cease our connections. So, we became The Common Cup Company, and, in ensuing years, welcomed Richard Betts and Scott McDonald to our company, mourned the death of Jim Uhrich, acquired talented Lloyd MacLean, and sorrowed in the death of Ian Macdonald.

Our path has taken us from Nashville to Whitehorse, from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland – coast to coast to coast and beyond! In 2018 we made music on a tour through western Australia…and who knows where beyond that!

“God bless the river of your soul, flowing from Love’s own deep sources; Go, be broken, go, be whole! God bless the river of your soul.”

from “Earth Beneath Your Feet” by Ian Macdonald

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Common Cup On Tour

Prairie Concert Tour
June 14-23, 2019

The Common Cup Company is planning a Prairie concert tour this June.

At this point we have secured venues in Alberta and Winnipeg, and are looking to Saskatchewan for two possible dates. We are beginning in Sherwood Park on Friday, June 14, and our final concert is scheduled for Winnipeg on Sunday, June 23.

If any congregations are interested in having us during this time, we would be delighted to connect with you! With good advertising and pre-concert ticket sales, this can be a good congregational fund-raiser.

The music in our concerts connects with all ages, runs from meditative to joyous, with lots of opportunities to sing along.

Watch for further developments – once we have a full list of dates and locations, we will place it here on our website.

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Please contact us through this website if you require additional information. The Common Cup hope to see you at one of the concerts.